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Welcome to a gallery of my photographs which I have chosen for you to accompany me to some of the exciting places I have been privileged to photograph in the past decade.

I began my photography with a Kodak Brownie, then a small Kodak bellows reflex camera in the 1950s. I graduated to a Leica 3G in 1955 which my sister brought back from Germany. Later, I moved from rangefinder cameras to an SLR Minolta in the 1970s; and then on to digital single lens reflex with a Canon 20D in 2005. I now shoot with a Canon 70D and lenses that range from 12-24mm to 70-300mm.

My "wet darkroom" evolved to a digital darkroom in 2006 and I have been using Photoshop and Lightroom for all post-processing and management of over 125,000 photos accumulated in the last decade.

I hope you enjoy the trip as much as I have.


Guestbook for Photography by Donald A. Hamburg
Nancy Pline(non-registered)
It is such a pleasure to view the variety of subjects that you have photographed. Your scenic views are spectacular; your eye finds scenes that most people would never see to photograph.

This website is so remarkable -- you can even put your photos on stamps!

I look forward to more galleries being added. What a wonderful way to display your outstanding work.

And to think it all started with a Brownie.
Lucy Ullmann(non-registered)
Just fabulous pictures. Just amazing how you captured the pictures with such great insight.
Thanks for sharing them with me.
Dr. Rogo(non-registered)
You've always been my favorite Travelogue! keep them coming
Jon Scarlet(non-registered)

Thanks for your efforts in creating this web site. Having seen many of these photos over the years I now have place where I can go to spend time with old dear visual friends. I know the site will also allow me to make new ones.

I especially like the use of lead images in each category. They are captivating in themselves and effectively foretell the pictorial journey the viewer is about to encounter. And, yes, from a technical perspective the site is joy to navigate.

It's been special to see your work evolving through the years,and now to be able to visit your latest work anytime is a real treat!
The guestbook is empty.